Nuestros Proyectos

Our History; our passion for Mexico

We are a group of passionate Mexicans who have developed the DNA of Levy Holding, always betting on Mexico and innovation in the real estate sector of our country. We think and act comprehensively, which enables us to work precisely in the real estate sector and niche development.

We have over 10 years of experience in conceiving all kinds of ideas that benefit the real estate business, thus we designed five brands that encourage the development of solid change strategies, always based on ethical work and the transparency of every movement.

Edificio con alberca visto de arriba
KOH Apartments
Interior de un departamento alcaza habitat
Alcaza Habitat
Edificio naranja cantabria
Personas conviviendo afuera de casa
Casa Bleu
Parte trasera de casa Pedro
Casa Pedro
Personas conviviendo afuera de una casa con muchos arboles coloridos
Parte frontal de Gamboa 185
Gamboa 185
Edificio con alberca visto de arriba
Edificio Nápoles color rojo
Punta Coradiso
Edificio café rodeado de árboles
Punta Nahpu
Personas conviviendo en restaurante
Punto Laguna
Interior de una habitación con ventanas grandes, muebles, cama y televisor
Torre Atoya
Edificio Yaxche visto desde arriba

Work Process

Initial Phase

We seek to establish the creation and development of new purposeful and vangard architectural projects.


We help identify the best investment opportunities for private projects, through our promoter Inverlevy.


We analyze the availability of resources, ensuring the correct decision making regarding relevance and feasibility.


We expose all the details of the project to know scope and general considerations.

Commercial Project

HEI Realtor ®
• Marketing

Executive Project

Huella Desarrollos ®| Project Management
Diagrama ® | Architectural Signature

Legal Project

• Despacho jurídico

Construction Project

Huella Desarrollos ®| Project Management


Huella Desarrollos ® | Project Management


HEI Community®

corporate governance

In order to offer transparent administration with the highest standards, we have implemented a corporate governance. It defines norms, principles and procedures that regulates the structure and working method of the company and provides direction for the company's operations. In addition, it establishes the relationship between the board of directors, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the rest of the interested parties.

Talking about real estate is thinking about Levy Holding.

We guarantee spaces and experiences with a design for each lifestyle, understanding the needs of the community and the importance of respecting its essence.

Our Brands
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