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Our commitment is to transform the real estate industry ​ through innovative and sustainable solutions, always thinking​ in the community.

At Levy Holding we strive to promote the ​economic, social, cultural and environmental development ​of Mexico through the synergy of our brands, adapting to the ​lifestyle and philosophy of each place.

Our doors are open to everyone

Thanks to the powerful union of talents, tools and processes, we have been able to create communities connected to architectural projects that support the organized and intelligent growth of cities.

Our brands
Equipo de trabajo en reunión
Edificio con alberca en terraza
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Growth and continuous learning are keywords that have driven our journey throughout our history.

Our History
Hugo Sergio
Góngora Fernández

From my point of view and that of many investment experts, the real estate industry is the one with the greatest return dynamics. In fact, with the help of Levy Holding, I was able to increase the value of my real estate investments in a short time.

Valdivia González

I chose Levy Holding as they was the most relevant among the options available in terms of quality and service.
I like the personal treatment and the willingness to work together in order to create win-win relationships for both sides.

María Teresa
Warner Alfaro

Levy holding has proven to be a highly competitive company at the national level, they comply with the highest standards of transparency and institutional organization and are always looking for ways to improve their processes and decision-making. This, among other things, makes me feel secure and happy with my investment in Levy Holding.


The attention at all times was first class with clarity and efficiency in terms of times, specifications, doubts, etc. There was a lot of opportunity and patience in the payment process and the organization of deadlines, which made my purchase process very easy. I am very satisfied with the whole project.

María Teresa
Warner Alfaro

I have always liked the real estate sector because in addition to being an important source of economic development for a country, I believe that as an investment it is a low-risk and high-value sector in the medium and long term.


Levy Holding one of the best companies you can invest in. They have the best customer service, best returns and with the assurance that your money is in the best hands. Since they have the money invested in land. They have the best companies to make real estate furniture a place out of the ordinary since they have the latest technology and the best material, so that you have the best experience in apartments and houses.

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